Varsity Finance High-Value Private Debt Funds for UK, & International Companies looking for loans of more than £1 million.


With direct access to the select lenders that offer very significant finance, Varsity Finance can broker Private Debt, Mezzanine, Equity and JV Partnerships of up to £100 million and above.



Private Debt

Privately held companies increasingly prefer borrowing from non-bank lenders. Whatever you need to raise debt for, whatever form it will take, and however much you are looking to borrow, Varsity Finance will be able to help you source and negotiate competitive financing packages and private credit.

Mezzanine Debt

Whether you need capital to support an expansion, an acquisition or to finance high-growth ventures, Varsity Finance will be able to help. Varsity Finance will secure the capital you need and negotiate the terms that will be most beneficial for your company, no matter how much you want to borrow

Real Estate Debt

Infrastructure Debt

Borrowing very significant capital to develop or purchase high-value Commercial, Multi-Family or Industrial Real Estate, is challenging. Able to deliver finance through a structure that meets all your requirements, Varsity Finance will deliver the most competitive and advantageous Real Estate debt package available

Sourcing infrastructure finance remains complex for privately held infrastructure firms, given the significant capital required and the niche skills required to understand and structure revenue and repayment models. Wherever you operate and whatever your line of business, Varsity Finance will be able to broker significant infrastructure debt.



Varsity Finance can source competitive rates from across the market. We have built relationships with Specialist Mortgage Lenders who do not have a presence on the high street to secure finance where others cannot.

Interest rates and fees will vary depending on the client and security offered.